Elisa Zuppini (IT/NL): 



Elisa Zuppini recently graduated from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam with an MA in choreography. “LIIL” presents an unfolding reality of transformative bodies. By entering a hypersensitive state of perception, the performers sense themselves and the space between the fictional and the actual: the body as a decentralized system of embodying forces and machine sensor of space; place as an ever-moving site; the skin as a giant landscape and the only country we actually inhabit; materiality in constant re-organization; gravity as a re-configurable force. By allowing micro and macro elements to enter into relational movement, a system of systems is initiated generating unpredictable, fragmented and oblique (mis)alignments through the sensory chaos. The body experiences itself in irregular times of transformation until it achieves contemplation, while the viewer is invited to slip between different dimensions of materiality. “LIIL” is a culmination of various elements of Zuppini’s artistic research, inspired by an unceasing quest for darkness and complexity.

Author of concept and choreography: Elisa Zuppini; performers: Federica Dalla Pozza, Elisa Zuppini; sound designer and author of sound mix: Elisa Zuppini; lighting designer: Martin Kaffarnik; advisors: Renè Copraij, Nikola Knežević; sound supervisor: Elisa Battistutta; production: SNDO