Stina Fors (SE):



Stina Fors is a drummer, singer, choreographer and performance artist. She is a punk band. She sometimes kills with a powerful voice, sometimes seduces until exhaustion. This author of a younger generation, born in Sweden in 1989, uses her very specific expressiveness to create the conditions for extreme situations and sensations. Her lyrics are not bare words; rather, they are fused with spits and fluids, a certain wetness, they are punches in the face, the licking of your heart, the lubricant for one’s soul. Her voice is really an expression of finding love for voice, for the lyrical and the sonic, and for loudness. And her central question is: What are the possible epiphanies of the sounding body? The artist explores the question through a performative concert. There is a set of drums. And a voice. She is bringing both to Spider Festival in order to create a unique performance of duration

©Nellie de Boer