Noé Soulier (FR): 



Noé Soulier, a rising star of French choreography, is known for his energetic and robust performances as well as for subtle interplays between gestures, intentions and speech. In this production, hailed by international critics as an “explosive kaleidoscope of the deconstruction and construction of meaning,” Soulier, with the help of four dancers, unceasingly bombards soundscapes by Bach and Froberger in the form of sharp interruptions, unexpected rhythmic turnarounds and frictions between contrasting textures. The gestural repertoire of this new piece is still — but not only — influenced by sport. It takes actions like kicks, leaps, and ball throwing (without a ball) and uproots them from their context. They are presented in their purest state, emptied of all apparent purpose, detached from their meaning, and chopped up into abstraction. On a bare stage, and more often than not in silence, the four dancers, each in their own world even while connected to the others, circle around in the same orbit, which results in fascinating coincidental patterns.

Supported by Institut français de Slovénie

Author and Choreographer: Noé Soulier; performers: Anna Massoni, Lucas Bassereau, Nans Pierson, Noé Soulier; lighting designer: Léonard Clarys; production, promotion, administration: Alma Office; production: ND Productions; co-production: CN D Centre national de la danse, Festival d’Automne à Paris, La Place De La Place – CDCN Toulouse/Occitanie, PACT Zollverein, Tanzquartier Wien