Šlagwerk (SI)


Šlagwerk is a trio of MC’s and DJ’s, famous for causing havoc on the Slovene club scene since the 90’s. By mixing DnB, hip-hop, break-beat and jungle, their sets echo the numerous unscrupulous anomalies of our mutated everyday lives. The group consists of: Dado Sheik – MC, producer (Tadej Markelj); Fraw Blanka – MC (Kaja Janjić, active as well as a dancer, choreographer and dance educator); and Dj Zhe (Miha Žehelj, musical gourmet and enthusiast). Kaja hasn’t missed a party since the 90’s and made her extensive mark on several dance floors, while Miha and Dado have had the opportunity to share the stage with numerous renowned stars of similar genres, mainly UK sound. Šlagwerk follows a typical pattern of sets intentionally chosen by Dj Zhe, while Dj Dado and Fraw Blanka lift the floor as MC’s.