Lili M. Rampre (SI):



In her latest work-in-progress, Lili M. Rampre, a rising Slovene performer and choreographer, tries to construct a body that resides, more or less, under the skin of a woman. Through a physical approach to disorganized movement—the disjunction of the gaze, the head and the bodily center as a potential means to decipher the intentionality behinds gestures—the body is forced to move between duality, doubt and the insistent effort to overcome the obstructions stemming from the applied principles of movement. “ Structure of a Feeling” draws inspiration and constructs performative gestures from strategies that mask bodily intention, retracting and camouflaging it—comparable to the affective labour women must do to adjust behavior and develop tactics to avoid unwanted attention while navigating public space. Rather than the work around “safe spaces,” Lili M. Rampre focuses on exposing the performativity that arises from these tactics of avoidance. 

Author and Choreographer: Lili M. Rampre; performers: Tessa Hall, Lydia McGlinchey, Julia Rubies Subiros; authors of text: Tessa Hall, Lydia McGlinchey, Julia Rubies Subiros, Lili M. Rampre; producer: P.A.R.T.S.