Niplodok: half-dinosaur, half-human, half-machine. Coexistence by definition. This unpretentious surplus of wholeness, consisting of Marjan Crnkovič (aka Dojaja), Jure Cerjak (aka E.B.King) and Stefan Cerjak (aka Dulash Der DJ) got together back in 2012 at the suggestion of Tilen Ločniškar (former Klub K4 programme director) and Matej Lavka. The group’s idiosyncratic techno and acid, made on analogue synthesisers, results in sets for which they prepare for several months to offer a most unique experience. They succeed in doing so, which one might have witnessed in one of their shows at Klub K4, Lent, Flow and Stiropor festivals. Niplodok, “the pride of the local underground”, as Dnevnik dubbed them, was recognised by the Boiler Room platform which invited them to play at their 2017 Ljubljana edition, where, in the words of Goran Kompoš, the group “on their synths and a rhythm machine convincingly indulged the electronic nostalgists and fans of Detroit classics.

©Urban Cerjak