Naked (RS)


Naked, the exceptional core-band from Belgrade, will for the first time on a Ljubljana stage present its unique blend of global urban groove spiced with African and Balkan tunes, swing, funk and free jazz. In the last decade they performed over 400 concerts worldwide. They guarantee an unforgettable celebration of world music mixed with experimental jazz, trippy dub psychedelics, classical violin trips, dark clarinet intervals and spaced-out saxophones. A few months ago they released their fourth studio album YES! (Narrator Records), where they managed to confront the recent traumatic history of the Balkan peninsula while celebrating its rich heritage and musical influence in 12 songs that embody the basic ideas of freedom and hope. The album features a special vocal performance on two bonus tracks by the renowned singer Tal Tula Ben Ari (Israel). Naked are: Branislav Radojković – bass; Djordje Mijušković – violin; Goran Milošević – drums, percussions; Rastko Uzunović – clarinet, saxophone.