The Monastery (BE):



The Bardo state is an in-between moment: between living and dying as the Tibetan ‘Book of the Death’ describes, but also between waking and sleeping. Moments of contemplation and transformation. In which we get our own inner workings mirrored back to us. In the after-death Bardo as a series of frightful demons. In this performance just as a shared encounter with what our basic fears. Of dying. Running out of time. Being confined.
Bardo States is a durational performance that invites the visitors to share in the ritual. Simply by picking up some earth and burying the body. Or sitting by the grave. The Monastery is a live-in spiritual-artistic community in Brussels. For Bardo States monk Elle (Elke Van Campenhout) joins forces with Robert Steijn to accompany you on the journey.

The Monastery: Elle and Robert Steijn; supported by ZSenne Brussels and the VGC (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie)

©Elke Van Campenhout