Mami Kang (JP/KR):



Mami Kang's opening statement: dance is an alternative, non-dualistic ritual. In other words, dance can surpass hierarchies, divisions, otherness. It has an imaginary force to it in the sense that it unites materiality and immateriality; as a kind of faith. That is the conceptual framework of Mami Kang's piece Transmission. From her very artistic beginnings the author has been stretching the field of contemporary dance towards experimentation regarding its materiality, technology, and affect through emotional sensitivity. In Transmission, she sets the body in motion as a kinetic and technological tool, thereby emanating the synthetic sensations towards its environment. Fluid, unnatural and ambiguous dreams come to life. Subjectivity is dismantled and reconstructed again. The protagonist attempts to propose a new life to ideas about the body. Among other materials, in this work, Mami incorporated the cornrow braids. Stemming from African tradition, she approaches it from her fascination towards the craftsmanship, the style, and the materiality.

Concept, choreography, and performance: Mami Kang; music mix: Yon Eta; costume design: Mami Kang, Dazzled Designs Latex; light design: Martin Kaffarnik; advise: Nikola Knežević, Noha Ramadan, Bruno Listopad

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