Mala Kline (SI):



Mala Kline’s decade-long artistic and theoretical work is embedded in the practice of dreaming, the way the experiencing body processes the ongoing flow of perceived information by constantly generating images. “SONGS” enacts performative research into language and its potentials that can be felt before being understood and which can, with the help of empathy, develop our sensitivity, while opening up the complexity of thought and communication. The overall project consists of 12 episodes. Each takes place in dialogue with the poet Tibor Hrs Pandur at a different location and in a different context. Each performance is about tuning into the space and the direct translation of the invisible spatial information, presence or energy. This translation takes place live, through gestures and through words. Both can be viewed and read simultaneously. From these generated texts a book is being assembled, which will be published at a later date. This version is connected to Marko Pogačnik’s research into the energetic, spatial and architectural constellation of Ljubljana. The performance takes place at the remains of a theater designed by renowned Slovene architect Jože Plečnik, located behind Tivoli castle on one of the so-called “dragon lines” that run through Ljubljana. Plečnik consciously erected his buildings on these lines, always with specific intent.

Author and choreographer: Mala Kline; dancer: Eftychia Stefanou; text: Tibor Hrs Pandur; space designer: Petra Veber; producer: Ajda Kline; producer: Žiga Predan; production: Mercedes Klein; co-production: Pekinpah, 0090 Antwerpen; supported by Ministry of Culture, Republic of Slovenia, City of Ljubljana – Department for culture