Matej Kejžar (SI):



Repetition. Is it a notion of being? What is it with instructions that teach us how awareness needs to be habituated for us to insert ourselves within repetitive cycles? Matej Kejžar, who in recent years has been intensely shaping his artistic approach towards an emancipated form of dance — most notably with his latest piece Dance, which was selected by the Venice International Arts and Architecture Festival 2018, is continuing to do so with LSLSLS. LSLSLS reaches out for the destabilised environment. It is a depiction of tension. It reveals the conditions for the necessary change. It sends repetition into action — as a technique in the realm of AV media. While an image of dance is capable of provoking thought, words and sound, in turn, generate images. But what if there are no more images that would keep all living organisms together? LSLSLS is an open window that may render visible the infinite processes of this tension. It fills space with words, movement and sound, and thereby presents a challenge by triggering a certain reaction in the spectator.

Concept & dance creation: Matej Kejžar; dancers: Mikael Marklund (SE), Matej Kejžar; set design: Petra Veber; music: Antonio Vivaldi: Cantate „Cessate, omai Cessate“; production: Pekinpah; partners: P.A.R.T.S. Summer Studios, Španski borci – Center kulture; with financial support by Mestne občina Ljubljana – oddelka za kulturo

©Petra Veber