Leja Jurišić & Marko Mandić (SI): 



In this six-hour long marathon performance, the top-performing duo Leja Jurišić and Marko Mandić (in collaboration with director Bojan Jablanovec and writer Semira Osmanagić) address—with brutal honesty—the eternal ideal of the performing arts and the irresolvable political issue of togetherness: What does it mean to be together? Leja and Marko turn the question onto themselves: Why do I want to be together? How to endure being together? What to do (with oneself) so that “together” becomes the realization of a surplus (of myself)? How to avoid the hierarchy of power? And how to establish this “together” in the performative time and space of the spectator?

Today we are witnesses to an unbearable inflation of performativity. We are drowning in the constant presence and medialization of everything. We are quick to identify what binds us together, yet we are unable to bind ourselves to anything for any significant amount of time. “Together” requires an investment that is increasingly difficult to make. “Together” is a sort of a mythical site of fusion that “heals” an individual with another individual. For this event, which has been hailed by critics as the “single most important performing arts event staged in recent memory”, Leja and Marko require time.

Authors: Leja Jurišić and Marko Mandić in collaboration with director Bojan Jablanovec and writer Semira Osmanagić; producers: Žiga Predan and Špela Trošt; production: Pekinpah and Via Negativa; coproduction: Kino Šiška