Olja Grubić (SI):



The visual artist and performer Olja Grubić is best known for radical performances through which she regularly problematizes contemporary plutocracy, patriarchy, religious and political censorship, psychological violence or normativity in modern society. “Artistas” is the best cabaret show on this side of the Atlantic and the biggest art auction in history, which will leave you simply spellbound. Several renowned contemporary curators will let you know a thing or two about art, expose the most famous female artists, while putting their art up for auction at incredible prices. In short, they will allow you unlimited access to the elite world of high art. “Artistas” was developed in the context of the performing arts laboratory “Cabaret Tiffany,” the main aim of which is to empower LGBTIQ performers and establish an open platform where they can continuously create their work.

Author, costume and set designer: Olja Grubić; performers: Olja Grubić, Dušan Pisić, Luka Velički; light designer: Jan Vasiljevič; production: Društvo Škuc, Zavod Omrežje, Cabaret Tiffany