Deepak Kurki Shivaswamy (IND):



What does it mean to be a dancer, who grew up in a Hindu family in an Islamic neighbourhood and was educated in a Catholic school? Dancer and choreographer Deepak Kurki Shivaswamy presents this complexity, which is usually termed 'identity', as a cacophony par excellence. In his piece, Nobody Cares, one is dealing with a cacophony of voices, all of which are not of an individual, but stored in the collective memory. The artist, who earned his postgraduate diploma at S.E.A.D. (Austria) and presented his work at numerous festivals, now grabs his own complexity and reacts to it through movement in which the core theme is the inability to make sense of the drive which propels hegemony. What is it that 'nobody cares' about, and what does it mean to exist in such a zone?

©Rohith K.S.

Choreographer and Dancer: Deepak Kurki; music: Abhijeet Tambe, Carmen Habanera. Special thanks to Play Practice