Michael Schmid / ICTUS (BE):



“Breathcore” is an ongoing investigation into the dynamics of breath within a social, artistic and political context. Michael Schmid—flautist, experimental musician and member of the renowned mixed “electrical orchestra” Ictus—initiated this participatory project in the summer of 2015. It includes a three-day preparatory workshop exploring modes of collectivity through the practice of breathing. Rehearsals and public moments are researching synchronization-processes, skill-sharing and non-verbal communication. Each “Breathcore” becomes a unique momentary snapshot of the group’s collective qualities. “Breathcores” are without a conductor or score and vary in format and form. In the final public presentation, the performers randomly merge with the audience and the performance space is transformed into one breathing body, where the sources of breath become undetectable and the borders between the audience and performers disappear. In such a space, everyone present breathes and shares the same language—be it performer or listener.

 “The mind is the king of the senses and the breath is the king of the mind…” (B.K.S. Iyengar).

In co-operation with International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC)

Author: Michael Schmid; performers: Michael Schmid and participants of workshop: Evin Hadžialjević, Tatiana Kocmur, Beno Novak, Filip Štepec, Miha Vlaj, Maja Bjelica, Nicolas Simeha, Pia Mačerol and Špela Remec; production: ICTUS (B), Opéra de Lille (F), Goethe Institut (São Paulo), IN/FINITY (Brussels, B), Tunnel Tunnel (Lausanne, CH), Kunstenfestival des Arts (B)

Michael Schmid is supported by the Vlaamse Gemeenschap